imnotimnotfrommars replied to your post: Asking a guy out is terrifying.  
ooooOOOOhh how’d it go. Or are you planning to?

daltonismydrug replied to your post: Asking a guy out is terrifying.  
Oh! Have you already asked him? How’d it go?

I’m planning to…well I think I am. I dunno. There’s one guy, who I met last December and he told me a few days ago to text him, so we can go out for drinks. But meh… I don’t know what to say. 

And then there’s this hot guy in my lexicon class who keeps flirting with me every Monday and he’s just really gorgeous and ugh. But I’m not good with asking guys out. I never know what to say. I’m too awkward in social situations. 

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  1. maitia said: COURAGE!!
  2. peeksytoews said: I wish I could give you advice but I suck at giving advice. *hugs because that’s the one thing I’m actualy good at* But I really do think you should go for it, even if it is much easier for me to say than for you to do.
  3. sassydrunkcersei said: get it gurl. well for the first guy, you can just text him and say “I’m ready for those drinks now. Meet me afkjakfhaj at fkadshfdj? and then for the second you could just ask “Hey you want to go for coffee sometime?”
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